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nicely done!

love machine are back with a new release, a new cast and a fresh breeze on garage and psychedelic rock.


after the five düsseldorfer retreated to the studio in late 2018 for probably the most prolific song writing phase since band existence and a fruitful collaboration with producer patrick stäudle, ep mirrors & money will be released on unique records in october 2019.


on mirrors & money noel lardon, hendrik siems, richard eisenach, marcel rösche and felix wursthorn are more versatile and daring than ever. while its predecessor times to come is still all about westcoast psychedelia mirrors & money has a much more complex and modern influence. the band's proven herb and psychedelic rock are now joined by garage, slacker and soul. the impossible mix, love machine embrace themselves, without any claim to remain in a field for too long and meet the expectations there in the least. of genre boundaries and conventions, the five would like to know nothing here.